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Sunday, January 14, 2007

How to get a phone call from an accountant.

Published by cck at 11:42 AM

It's the almost, just about start of busy season. Although, for one of my dearest friends - I'm not sure her busy season ever ends... If she's not flying there, she's driving here, etc. However, after receiving a call from her on Friday evening (while enjoying a heck of a pedicure), I had another revelation.

How do you get a call from an accountant? Don't blog for a few days!

I didn't realize how much I wrote about my life here. And, seriously - I don't include everything. And, thank goodness - you people wouldn't ever want to come back and read this stuff... But, I do include little things.

Here's a catch up: Started new job; thoroughly enjoy it. Have absolutely no idea how the gals in the SC State House click-clack up those steps each day with heels on -- I have new respect for all of them. I walked from my office to the Capitol and I thought I was going to cry. Heels, no more.

It's hot in Florida, as I mentioned before. My wool slacks, a stand by for my winter wardrobe, simply will not cut it. As well, stockings are becoming optional. Yes, I know it's January. Yes, I know - a part of me is dying inside. I do, here and now, solemnly swear, that if I start wearing seersucker before Easter - one of you from the Land of Fashion Rules & Righteousness should come down here and set me straight.

Grandparents are awesome.

Dishes, who needs to do dishes?

Overheard while at the Fort in St. Augustine, Re-enacter One, "These coats are rather hot." Re-enactor Two, "Yes, and I'm so heat-sensitive." One of the many sentences I'm sure were never uttered while the Fort was active.

Um, wedding stuff is about to rot out my eyeballs. I check the mail frantically every day to see if my dress has arrived... And yet, if the mailman ever did manage to stuff my dress into our mailbox then we would have a very large problem indeed.

My parents are still crazy... if not crazier. And now the Infamous MSS has joined the Crazy Parade.

And I think that might be it for the moment. KCoBo, please check back soon for more updates.