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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

No Grami, not a worker's union - Union County.

Published by cck at 7:06 PM

So, like, last night I was in, like, Union County?

The twenty or so Democrats that came out to elect and re-elect county officers were quite a group. I don't think I had ever been in Union before this particular trip. It was charming. The Main Street (West Main Street) was quaint and small and you could just imagine it bustling with people during the day. Okay, perhaps "bustling with people" isn't really the phrase that comes to mind, so work with me, kay?

The Court House was beautiful. The Clerk of Court, a twenty-something Democrat, showed me the court room - worthy of Atticus Finch, I'd say. Or David Bruck. Whatev'.

The thing I didn't know about Union, is that it is one of 18 counties that are represented in toto by Democrats. How neat! Being raised in the Upstate - I don't think I ever really understood (till moving to Richland County) how refreshing it is to be represented by Democrats! You can actually believe in and trust your officials!

So, it was a good turnout on a dreary cold March night. I'm enthused about Anderson on Thursday -- anyone got any ideas for a keynote?


The Cackalacky Candidate said...

Perhaps you could get John Stossel to give the keynote.

Earl Capps said...

well, if one-party monopolies make you sleep better at night, then enjoy.

personally, i find comfort in a political environment that flushes the snakes in both parties out and makes everyone sweat out election years.

i'll readily admit the GOP has plenty of bums, losers, and hypocrites, but would you do the same for your side?

or are you going to say that all your opportunistic snakes switched a long time ago (and would probably be right in saying that)?