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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tuesday, Tuesday.

Published by cck at 10:24 PM

I had a lovely Tuesday. Upon hearing word of the imminent totaling of my car, I began to examine my options. What's next? Having had Taurus upon Taurus upon Sable - I am looking for something new -- and most importantly, not beige. (Every car I have had has been some form of beige. My father might try to convince me that the cars were champagne or even gold - but in my opinion, they were all beige).

I'm looking for an SUV. But not a gas-guzzler... I wouldn't feel right with a war based on oil revenues, driving around in something that gets 12 miles to the gallon. Instead, I started off with the compact SUVs: the Escape, the Sportage, the Highlander, the Element. I am (I think) in love with the Saturn Vue.

It's compact, gets rather good gas mileage, isn't too much like a car or an SUV. It sits up off the ground, which I like - and the Saturn salespeople were the nicest I have dealt with yet. (I made the rounds today - six dealerships in four hours, seven test rides). So, I think it might be time to consider getting a newer car. Egads. This is huge. My dad isn't even weighing in on the decision. I told him tonight about the Vue and he said, "That's nice."


Laurin Manning said...

CCS, I have an Escape, and I love it. It gets twice the gas mileage that my previous Grand Cherokee got, and it feels like it has just as much pick-me-up. If you buy the hybrid model (which features Toyota's hybrid technology), you get a tax break too. (Granted, the tax break is less than the difference between the cost of the nonhybrid and the hybrid, but still...)

CCS said...

Thanks Laurin -- I've been driving an Escape this week and I do heart it! Do you have a V4 or a V6?