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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

SCDP Bias? No way.

Published by cck at 1:44 PM

I haven't wanted to admit bias within the South Carolina Democratic Party. So what if Tommy Moore's campaign headquarters happens to be about five feet from the SCDP? So what if there was a huge Tommy Moore campaign sign outside the doors of the SCDP? So what?
I can just see Lachlan McIntosh, arms crossed, with a smirk on his face.

But here's a relatively silly question I have - what is official filing? And why aren't any of the other candidates filing for a Democratic seat, officially filing?

According to Patrick Norton of the SCDP, the only candidate officially filing for office is Senator Tommy Moore. Now, I'm sure Grady Patterson, Lee Ballenger and even Barney Giese officially filed. However, the distinction - however small - of filing officially was only afforded to the Senator from District 25. What's up with that?


CCS said...

Well, an update... The SCDP has Mayor Willis "officially" filing now too. No one else on the list has that distinction - not even the new guy running for Guv... What's his name? Aughtry something?