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Monday, November 06, 2006

The Big Weekend.

Published by cck at 7:36 AM

In addition to all the puppy drama in our house, it was a big weekend period. It was Parent's Weekend at FSU which means that parents and grandparents were visiting. CGK didn't understand why I was nervous...
1) First time future in-laws visited our house.
2) First time I've cooked for all in-laws.
3) Ahhhhhh! First time in-laws visited our house!
I never ever ever thought I would say this out loud, let alone write it in my blog, but there's a certain part of me that wanted to prove that I could take care of my family. It hit me as I was making a cake with candied orange peels; it hit me that I could be both a feminist and strongly desire to care for my family. The two really aren't that different or far apart - not that I thought they were. I just didn't realize that the two ideals could co-exist so peacefully.

We had a great time: tailgating at nine am, watching TV, having brunch on Sunday and even the requisite parental trip to Lowe's to pick up the random home improvement device. I heart these people. I had no idea I would fit in with another family so well. It's pretty darn nifty.

ps. The cake was a-mazing. Dark Chocolate cake with a dark chocolate Grand Marnier ganache. And even the bittersweet orange peels on top were tasty. Sometimes, I surprise even myself. :)