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Monday, November 27, 2006

Hey Y'all!

Published by cck at 9:22 AM

I have said it once, I will say it again -- South Carolina is God's Country. It was amazing to be back home this past week. Gorgeous. Reviving. It smelled good. There were leaves on the ground that crunched. I didn't realize I would miss the sound of leaves - both on the ground and the ones left on trees.

Let's see... What all did we do? We drove, a lot. It was cold. Well, it was cold to the Florida Person I have become. We walked Cleveland Park with George and he growled at anything that moved including an adorable toddler named Nathan. We visited my Grami every time we could. We laughed with family. Kramps shot skeet and took aim at various targets. I was rather impressed with my man; he had good aim. We ate a lot. And drove in our car a lot. We walked on Main Street and drank pumpkin beer at Barley's. I saw old friends from high school. We roasted marshmallows over a fire. And, my favorite morning - I dragged him out of bed before six am and we watched the sun rise over Pretty Place.

Adventures? Driving to Athens, Georgia in order find wine or beer or malt liquor in dry Northern Georgia. Running out of gas on top of a mountain and driving clear to another state in order to find a BP. James Bond evasive maneuvers when we saw a certain silver Ford.

Oh, did I mention we went to see Casino Royale? It was amazing. Really good. Best movie I've seen in quite some time -- and Daniel Craig is smokin' hot. I've watched the Bond series -- who could resist Connery? Casino Royal has an actual plot that revolves around more than the swell of the hottie's breasts. The stunts are spectacular and the twists are even better. Go see it.

Anyway, good thing we're home. I was starting to get the shakes from not having readily accessible internet.