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Monday, November 06, 2006

Wowsahs, what a weekend.

Published by cck at 7:27 AM

Our puppy is sick. My little pooper, George, was playing with his cousin dog, Bailey. Bailey's teeth got caught in George's collar. Georgie went limp and then starting coughing up blood.

We weren't home when it happened. We were headed out to dinner, giggling about how grown-up we were. A dinner: with other couples! It was still sort of new for us. And then we got a call... I can only imagine that it was like getting a call from the babysitter that our child was sick.

After rushing the little man to the Animal Hospital, we were charged to keep an eye on him and watch the hacking. We have an appointment with his Vet in an hour. I didn't sleep much last night. It's pretty amazing - the role pets take in our lives. Heck, George has a MySpace page. And while my little six month old MaltyPoo doesn't have 349 friends yet, one of his buddies is another gorgeous lady named Matilda.

Lesson - windpipes are fragile things. I'm not sure I will ever put another collar on George. And, furthermore, I have realized that I will probably be one of those rather overprotective mothers.


Duncan said...

I would recommend the chest harness versus the collar. It's better for walking since it pulls the chest not the neck.

The gorgeous Mattie endorses it.

CCS said...

We ordered safety harnesses for both dogs -- apparently, even the harness can get twisted and cause even more damage.

The safety breakway clasp can be overridden with a leash, so it's safe for walking.

Dude, never knew I'd learn so much about collars and harnesses.