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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Since it's been a week.

Published by cck at 8:46 AM

Sorry kiddos. For some reason, I haven't felt much like writing. There's been much going on in the national and state scenes that I should probably have an opinion on. And on the very very local scene, there's even been more going on.

Like, for instance, I went to see One Night with the King. Relearned all about one of the strongest women in the Bible. Even wiki'd the whole thing -- I had no idea Madonna changed her name to Esther in 2004. Where was I?

I tailgated with some seriously fun folks last weekend. Despite the heavy rain (which the Kramps and I danced around in like children or goofy to-be-weds) and the depressing loss, the day was pretty awesome. Durkin was there and that just about always makes me happy. We met some new people too -- like the impressive and gracious Ms. Gen. Woman can make some seven-layer dip. Not to mention that she reads my humble writings, which makes her rather special - she didn't even make a big deal about my horrible use of commas.