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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

More Hope

Published by cck at 12:42 PM

We only elect four statewide officers in Florida: Governor, Attorney General, CFO & Commissioner of Agriculture. The Lt Guv runs on the same ticket as the Governor. We also have a Senate race up and various constitutional amendments and judicial reviews on this ballot.

Yesterday, the Leader of the Free World was in Pensacola - about four hours from where I live. George Bush drew a crowd of about 10,000. Not surprising -- the panhandle of Florida is distinctly more conservative than the southernmost parts of Florida. (Seriously, before I moved here I thought Tallahassee would be Miami-Lite. I was very wrong).

What was surprising is that none of the statewide candidates were present at this rally. Charlie Crist tried to squash speculation about their absences saying all the candidates were trying to encourage and excite as many voters as possible -- across the state. Um, yeah - and while I think that is a plausible excuse, it still doesn't make a lot of sense. Krazy Katherine was there, but she was relegated to a back seat, was only mentioned twice and was never looked at by the Prez. I would think, as a Republican candidate for Governor of a very important state, I would want to stand next to the President. Of course, I'm not a Republican, so I could be wrong. Read the story from the St. Pete Times here.