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Monday, November 06, 2006

Ongoing Commentary.

Published by cck at 7:46 AM

I was upset on Saturday night. I wanted SNL to be live. It was a Best of... episode -- and while I happen to love showcases of talent (much like Cheryl Footman, or so I would assume), I wanted the show to make fun of the election. I suppose they're saving it all up for the Saturday after.

Tomorrow is election day. And you can listen to George S. or Bob S. or Tim R. or Bob O'R. or Chris M ---> there's a lot of opinions floating around. I have a really good feeling that people want change. Heck, Liddy Dole even said as much on Sunday morning.

I think the war is going to make a great impact. And I just almost swear, if it doesn't, I'm really going to start questioning the patriotism of my fellow Americans.

It's supposed to rain in the Panhandle tomorrow. Which is a bad thing for Democrats. Leon County is the Richland equivalent (as are many of the surrounding counties) and I hope the weather is crisp and lovely so people will come out in droves.

I've got some "endorsements" I'm working on -- we'll be back after the Vet visit.