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Thursday, November 30, 2006

I am grown up!

Published by cck at 7:37 PM

One of the most condescending things a Republican can say to me is, "You'll be a Republican when you grow up." When I was fifteen and adamantly defending Mr. Close to Thurmond supporters, I didn't really mind. The phrase I'll show them would cross my mind; I would quickly smile and then respect my elders.

I still respect my elders. But now it irks me when a conservative tells me that I will change my party when I grow up. What will change when I reach grown up status? I'm twenty-five, about a month from being twenty-six. I pay taxes in a higher tax bracket than I can quite frankly believe. I pay taxes almost every day when I "stimulate the economy." I own things. I have muddled through government red tape, health care and the daunting choices of Old Navy. I have graduated from college and will be in the process of paying that achievement back for the next fifteen years. I am about to be married.

My goodness! What do I have to do to be considered adult?

The thing is - as I grow up (a skill I hope to hone and finally perfect by the time I leave this earth) - I have only become more of a Democrat. I have been filled with hope and compassion and a desire to make this a better America.

Yes, the first time I realized exactly how much of my paycheck was going to the Feds I flinched a little bit. Heck, I had a seizure on the floor. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss it or didn't wish it was deposited in my bank account, but I realized that our government needs things that I can't do by myself. If my government left it up to me to help those less fortunate, they would be out of luck. At the end of every week when I should be taking a basket of food over to the family who needs it, I would be found at Kick's or Handpicked. And forget me helping to pave a road in said new wedges and/or fighting a fire while wearing my new cocktail ring and/or defending freedom without my Aveda Sap Moss.

I don't trust myself. And, no offense, I don't trust you either. I am not a Democrat because I am young or immature, I am a Democrat because I am hopeful and still a little idealistic. Well that, and I know I alone am not enough to fix it.


Durkin said...

I admire the intent of this posting I just disagree with the execution.

I have heard similar comments over the years and they just crack me up. My favorite has been "When you start making money," coming from an intern on the hill (unpaid intern.)

The reality is that the government doesn't "force us to help others." The real issue is recognizing the collective benefits that government can provide that we as individuals cannot. Additionally being well off I benefit from other government agencies that the poor don't (SEC, FDIC, Treasury, Commerce, etc.) Plus the stability provided by a central bank, police and others actually benefits me as much as the under-privileged.

Not to be preachy though.

CCS said...

You ain't preachy.

And I completely agree. It just irks me to no end when people tell me that I will grow up and be a Republican.

Errrr... I figure I'm ahead of the curve as most folks, upon reaching retirement and old age, go back to embracing the liberalism of their youth!