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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Catching Heat and he's not even governor yet

Published by cck at 10:36 PM

Never one to turn down a good time, I was starting to get excited about the whole Inauguration process. Unlike Marky Mark's Barbecue Bash, the incoming Governor of Florida has a whole week of festivities planned. Feel free to peruse the details on Governor-Elect Charlie Crist's website.

However, due to heat from Floridians far and wide, Charlie has decided to forgo the ball. Hmmm. I think Charlie doth protest too much. I have never known an incoming governor to not get heat due to the expense and cost of the Inaugural Ball. I think several things:
1) Bad precedent. The minute Democrats start complaining, the new Administration folds? Bad idea Mr. Crist.
2) Dude - go Democrats! You've got the new Administration right where you want them: scared and manipulable.
3) What is Charlie hiding? I admired the fact that he was disclosing donations weekly. It was wise. However, why capitulate so early? Everyone (everyone) protests about a ball. Why not say what you are really doing? Raising money for the party. Come clean - it's all good.
4) I had already figured out what I was going to wear. Not being a Republican, I didn't feel the need to buy something new - considering these are lean times and what not. But what about the legislators wives (and, for that matter, husbands) who wanted to shake a leg and get down on January 2nd? And the folks already contracted to provide services for the party? Or the hotels that had been banking on some business? It's a darn shame.

So, that's my thought this evening. Enjoy! The Mission is dedicating the new fort tomorrow, if I can find the camera, I might even have pictures.