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Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas Redux

Published by cck at 9:33 AM

Did you know that I sometimes call my dog "monkey?" I have absolutely no idea why I do this - he is clearly not a monkey, nor does he really have any monkey attributes. He cannot hang from a tree and he does not have a penchant for bananas. Go figure.

It's been a good week, down here on the central west coast of Florida. Glorious, actually. Christmas was entirely different. It was my first Christmas without my family. And no matter how you slice it, it was strange not to open presents with my Grami or have my mother melt down because I gave her a necklace in the colors she usually wears (don't ask). It was amazing too -- new traditions that are now going to be my own. Chris still rang a bell to signal to me that it was time to open presents (or stockings as the case may be). And I really enjoyed Eggs Benedict with Poinsettias in the morning.

Oh, did I mention that I got my mixer? My mixer. I have coveted this thing for as long as I can remember -- often drooling when Martha Stewart or Giada uses one. I must admit - it's pretty darn amazing. I made a ginger-chocolate cake with a bourbon sauce for it's first mission. Ahhhhh! I keep joking that I like the mixer better than Chris.

It was amazing to me to be by the Gulf this whole time. We're two minutes (if that) from water over here and it is a completely different world. Christmas Eve, folks were in shorts by the water's edge. I still cannot believe that he grew up here. What a different world. Totally different activities. While I was learning how to rock climb, he was sailing.

Anyway, it is finally time for us to leave. It's almost New Year's and then - almost my birthday. I started this whole writing thing last year around my birthday. I cannot believe it's been a year and how so much has changed. I never, in a thousand years, thought this would be my life. Goes to show ya -- you just never know.