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Monday, December 11, 2006

One (of the many) Reasons I Love Katie Cali

Published by cck at 8:18 PM

There have been a lot of "I Love" posts lately, so bear with me on this one...
Katie Cali def. deserves four thousand (at least) posts about how awesome she is. For one, she gets me. As in, understands my desperate need for Diet Coke and my secret desire to have thirteen children. As in, my love of pro-Democratic policy songs (read: Dixie Chicks). As in, asks me to recite "My Short Skirt" and or the other one and is willing to stand next to me when I wed the guy that keeps my wine glass filled. As in, gives me hope when I look at my shoe closet and supports me when I cry about my mom. Okay, there's a lot more I could say (including, but not limited to, her fabulous taste in red wine, eyeglasses and cinema) - but there's probably not much more I should share with you, dear reader.

Okay - here's why Katie Cali gets a shout out tonight... She calls me while reading the Carolina Alumni Magazine. (Thought to self at that moment: Must not ever ever ever get on that mailing list). Apparently, there's a chick that graduated in the 90's that started a business. Mrs. Molly Britt, also a Chi O, created Mommy-Wear. Check it out here. I seriously want some.

Here are Katie & my favorites (click image if you want to order):

Yep. Heh. Love it!


Katie Cali said...

A better shirt would be "Birth Control is for Pussies"

CCS said...

Swear to Geezus, make the shirt and I will wear it.

Anywear you choose. Well, except to my wedding. Or my Rehearsal Dinner.