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Saturday, December 16, 2006

December Something.

Published by cck at 10:29 AM

It's halfway through December and I have not made a single Christmas Cookie. Not one. While I stocked up on unsalted butter at Publix last week (it was 2 for 1), I have yet to put it to use. When I was a kid - the baking insanity would hit the kitchen early. Watch Out! We would make haystacks and snickerdoodles, mounds of sugar cookies decorated in this egg wash stuff my mom would make. There would be chocolate covered pretzels and baked oyster crackers and spritz cookies, thumbprint cookies and peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip and wedding cookies (which Kramps tells he called "moldy mice" growing up).

Most of my family came to our house (or the general region) for Christmas. It is still a little weird for me to think that this is the first Christmas without my parents. And, as less stressful as that is in many ways, I still will not hear my father ring Santa's bells alerting us that the Big Man has left the building and it's safe for us to run downstairs, scramble for the stockings and descend on the presents.

So, back to my original point, the absence of cookies in my household. Tonight, Durkin is planning on coming over to play Scene It or Trivial Pursuit or any game that will inevitably make me look like an idiot. Kramps wants to make his famous and rather tasty linquine with clam sauce. I'm down with that. But now, I am thinking -- what will the cookies be like. I have to make some. At least one kind. Gawd, throw me a bone!


The Durkin said...

Witness, the cookies were great. I had to have them removed from the room else I ate even more than my stomach would hold.

You did yourself proud at SceneIt. Any comeback from that far back is a triumph. You defintely covered the betting spread.

In brief, it was a fantastic time.