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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Did you hear the news? It's Holiday!

Published by cck at 10:51 AM

I'm finishing Christmas cards this morning. Holiday cards, really - as none of them actually say "Merry Christmas." The Santa on the front, the Christmas Tree on the front -- none of it is clear enough! I have received at least five forwards telling me that the senders still say Merry Christmas to the Target Check Out Girl. (My usual response is a roll of the eyes and a quick delete click).

I like writing Christmas Cards (or Happy Hanukkah cards as they might be). It's fun to receive them. Sometimes, they're simply signed. Sometimes there's a short message. Maybe, if you're lucky, a picture. It's been a tradition for me to send cards since I was a little girl. Of course, now I have even more to send as I have included a new family in the list. I really liked that part.

Yesterday, the two of us went shopping for Christmas presents. Mostly ideas that I dreamed up and he perfected, which has now resulted in a massive craft project assembly line. Tonight, we're going to sit in front of our tree and attempt to take a Christmas Picture (including George in his sweater). I giggle at the thought of it. And then, my plan is to pack up my soon-to-be-husband and drive around a few neighborhoods to look at lights. I've got hot chocolate and travel cups.

It will be a big day today for us. Keep your fingers crossed. Big things are in the works. And all I can hope and pray for is a Christmas Miracle.