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Monday, December 11, 2006

On why I almost almost almost

Published by cck at 8:49 PM

postponed my wedding this morning. It's amazing, wedding bullshit. I advocate all people eloping. Indeed, I think if everyone - in one year - eloped, the cost of weddings would diminish astronomically.

It's not the cost that threw me for a loop - although it does throw me for some sort of geometrical shape at least once a week. It was the fact that the B&B where I RESERVED A ROOM canceled on me. It wasn't enough that my photographer flaked out last week. No, no, no -- this time it was the magical and lovely location where I pictured myself getting ready for my wedding. Where I pictured my bridesmaids and family gathering for a Bridesmaid Tea. Where I would spend the first night with my husband. (OMG, my husband. Damn.)

The B&B was perfect -- had a cute little pool, right across from where I planned to get my hair done and even more importantly right around the corner from where the Pub is located (I planned my after wedding reception festivities well). But, no - the Fabulous Couple that runs the Meranova (yeah, I said it) decided to "lose" our reservation. There are words I'd like to use here, but I will decline.

Instead, I realized that the first night I shared with my husband would only be the first (shock, I get him for THE REST OF MY LIFE). And that I'm really getting ready at the hair salon and the Bridal Room at the White Chapel. And that everything everything everything is within walking distance of downtown Dunedin. I took a deep breath. And, damn if the Holiday Inn Express won't be just fine.

ps. My excuse, again, that Wedding Details have overtaken the focus of my ramblings. Really, I apologize.