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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Why I Love Tallahassee #1

Published by cck at 1:42 PM

Okay, so - if you are a reader of this blog you might be scratching your head. What? You look perplexed, I can see it. Me? Say I love Tallahassee? C'mon - you know that while I love living with my fiance and making really good friends in this town in Florida, I'm not particularly fond of the city. Mainly because of the lack of good shopping.

However, at this moment, I am a huge fan of Tallahassee. It has nothing to do with fabulous tailgating at FSU or enjoying a glass of pinot at Cafe... this time my friends, I am commending the city with its choice of Christmas Festivals.

I was in many a parade around Christmas in South Carolina -- Mauldin, Greenville, Columbia... I enjoy it - bells and high school band music and kids and candy, etc etc etc. Every parade I have ever been in or witnessed was butt early in the morning. It was usually cold and hot chocolate was the drink of choice.

Oh no, not here. Here in Florida we do it RIGHT. (Notice how I just wrote "we?" As if I am a Floridian? Dude, that was progress.) Okay, so - the parade/festival/whatever is in the evening. And they have street vendors. And you can have a drink while you watch the festivities. WAHOO!