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Friday, December 22, 2006

What a day, what a week, what a month, what a year.

Published by cck at 12:14 AM

Um, hi. I'm down south for the holidays. Down south where the temperature reaches a lovely 87 degrees in the afternoon, four days before Christmas. I'm making a big deal of this. My usual Christmas weather is somewhere colder -- not drastically, Maine-ish colder, but colder all the same. I'm used to the necessity of gloves and a coat for Christmas. As I look over my suitcase I realize I might not have packed enough shorts.

Today was nothing short of amazing. We slept in - which was downright lovely. The fiance and I traveled down to see the parents in their respective places of business. We ate a quick bite in Central St. Pete and met with the fabulous fabulous ladies who are making our wedding invitations and are thus in charge of cutting down the several thousand trees we'll need to make this wedding thing a reality.

I walked along the water's edge on a sunny blue day with the man I love while we commented on the city's multi-culturalism. When we returned home, we found not only that George the Porge had escaped from his home (aka the Travel Cage), but we had Christmas presents from my mom and dad.

They're weird. And that might be all I have to say on that - until I write a post entitled, "Re-Gifting." All together - it was a damn lovely day.