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Monday, December 04, 2006

CCS <3's the Internets

Published by cck at 10:21 PM

In the past five minutes I have figured out several DIY projects including, but not limited to: magnolia garlands, moss pomanders and beaded inserts for bouquets. I will also add that googling "pearl necklace" is probably not the smartest idea I've had today. GAWD, I love the internets!

Saturday we went to Tally's version of Christmas, complete with fake (slightly pink) snow. Ms. Gen not only plied us with Hot Apple Cider, we also nabbed a coveted balcony spot. Watching the parade put me in such a Christmas spirit -- and that had nothing to do with the Gator-on-a-Stick. Well, maybe it did. Just a little bit. Probably it was more so because of the folks we laughed with, drank with and ate that oh-so-interesting gator with while watching the Gators run away with a championship.