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Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Best in Four Years

Published by cck at 4:35 PM

The NYTimes wrote yesterday that unemployment was at a four year low. It's the best (ahem) that it's been since 2001. Like most Americans, I am excited. I did a little dance, I'm not gonna lie. But...

If the nation's industries can increase hires - almost every industry reported hiring increases - then where are all these jobs? If in three months, this nation can prod industry to create 229,000 new jobs, than what are we doing wrong in South Carolina?

What are our leaders doing?
We need a new Governor. A Governor who will work with small businesses, manufacturers, new industry to provide quality jobs for South Carolinians. It doesn't make sense for a state with as many natural resources as ours to be faltering in the job fight. We have technical schools, we have colleges and universities and we have an amazing workforce - folks in South Carolina are dedicated and loyal, hardworking... We need a Governor who will work just as hard as the people who elect him.
We need a Governor who will dig in and get the work done.