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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Heart Day: Why I have the best parents in the world.

Published by cck at 11:14 AM

I adore Valentine's Day. Today, I'm wearing a fluffy pink sweater that brings back memories of Elle Woods.
I realize that I am a single chick in a sea of roses and heart-shaped balloons, but that will not cause my brow to crease. Not today.
Today is a day for heart-shaped biscuits from Bojangles (I didn't get one, I'm just sayin') and candy hearts and duh, chocolate! Roses and tulips and pretty things. I bought roses last night, just for me. Bright red and beautiful. I know I can buy roses any day of the week, and often do, but buying them the night before Valentine's Day was a sweet enterprise.

My parents are the best in the world. I've previously mentioned how holidays are big times in our household. From heart shaped pepperoni to (I swear) green colored milk on St. Pat's - my mom has always gone above and beyond Party City. She gets creative. So, when I whined about being all alone on Valentine's Day - she decided that my Dad needed to come down and take me out to dinner.
I know, sweet!
I got some goodies to have at the house and a bottle Australian red (Dad thinks they take something out of Californian wines. It's a conspiracy). While it was difficult to get a reservation the DAY BEFORE Valentine's, I managed it. And tonight - we're getting dressed up and I'm going out with my Dad. Thanks parents. I needed it this week.
I hope all of y'all have a lovely Tuesday too!