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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Catching up on TiVo.

Published by cck at 9:34 AM

I don't have cable. It's a saving device: I save some money and even more time. I don't even have bunny ears. I really haven't missed it, except on Sundays. Sundays are my favorite TV day. Great stuff in the morning: MTP, Sunday Morning, George... Fabulous stuff at night: Desperate Housewives, West Wing and my favorite, Grey's Anatomy. I could watch a week's worth of TV in one day.

Thank goodness for parents who TiVo your favorite shows. I love TiVo.


Carolyn said...

what about Extreme Home Makeover????

CCS said...

No offense, dear Carolyn, but I *hate* Extreme Makeover. I know, I'm heartless!