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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My favorites ones are...

Published by cck at 2:09 PM

Shortbread - gotta be shortbread, followed by a close tie for caramel delites and thin mints. (Who can deny a frozen thin mint???). I adore, love and devour Girl Scout Cookies. I hide from the cute little girls in their brown and green uniforms, standing outside of the Big Lots - those cute little girls just hoping that I'll succomb to their surprisingly adept sales skills.

Nope, but I will admit that after reading about Sally Key in The State, and Fowler Cary's idea about sending boxes to troops - I might be more inclined to send a couple of boxes up to MSS!


The Shasher said...

Just for the record, MSS's favorite type of cookies are the ones that come in a box. I have heard due to his exceptional girth that he is not too particular about what type of cookie he recieves. So there that is. :)

CCS said...

Dear Shasher,

If I were to send two (maybe three) boxes to MSS and PB and maybe even RH... (One for each!)

Seriously, what kind would they be?


Anonymous said...

Ok, I think that the shasher really doesn't need to eat any cookies. Because his exceptional girth is very large and Girl scout cookies unless they are made of paper does not need to pass his lips. Remember a minute on the lips is an inch on the waist.

CCS said...

Dear Anon,

Don't you mean, "A minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips?" And don't you usually refer that lovely phrase when yours truly is consuming pancakes (although your attempts to also use the cliche during french fry pig-outs is much appreciated).

Mike Reino said...

Which are the peanut butter cookies covered in chocolate? They rule!