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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Some people.

Published by cck at 1:57 PM

I like Aubrey Jenkins and her column, "Single in the City." Yesterday, she posted a year-in-review. One of the ten things she had learned and experienced struck me... Not as odd, but more like, "Wow. Yes, I think that too."

Some people are meant to stay in your life forever. Some are only supposed to be around for awhile. The older you get, the easier it is to know the difference.

Last night, my dear father (who took me out for the best Valentine's I have EVER had), looked at me and said, "My, you're looking older." Thanks. But I hope that I am getting older - old enough to realize how to say goodbye - and, old enough to start saying hello.

I had a friend who told me that she had many different types of friends - each one fulfilled a need she had. Not that it was as simplistic as, say, "Jane is a drinking buddy" or "Penelope and I knit." It was more that she had emotional needs and had found different people that matched up with her. I understood her, nodded my head in agreement. But, there are some friends, no matter what, will be there with you - to wallow and wail, swim through the fountain in Five Points, rejoice and sing... And some friends that just don't have that capacity.
It is getting easier to know the difference.
(Good, I've got something on my list that's good about being 25 - besides being freely able to rent a car).