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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

"We seek the end of tyranny in this world."

Published by cck at 6:57 AM

Disclaimer: The following comments do not reflect the attitudes or opinions of any group in which I claim allegiance. These are the innocent ramblings by a disgruntled Democrat... Obviously, I have a lot of questions without a whole lot of answers or suggestions.

I only heard him utter mass destruction once, but his efforts at energizing us about Iraq fell flat. Yes, the visual image of women holding up a blue finger is moving. And I'll admit - I didn't think we'd be where we are in Iraq by this time... But where (where!) exactly are we? To paraphrase Gov. Kaine, there has to be a better way to accomplish our goals.

Where is Burma? Oh, here. I never really thought of Burma as that much of a threat (to the United States). Guess I'm totally wrong.

"We love freedom and will fight to keep it." "No peace in retreat," and then, as almost an afterthought, Bush mumbled, "No honor in retreat." Yeah, yeah. But then came the comment that puzzled me: "We need to listen to the commanders in the field, not politicians in Washington." Now, I *totally* agree with that one. But I don't really think that's been the policy of this Administration. Especially when our Commanders in the Field have been asking for more help, more supplies, more protection, more defenses. Yeah, listen to our commanders - for the first time, Bushie.

State Shout Out - sort of... If the US has more new jobs, than what did he say? The EU and Japan combined? (correct me if I'm wrong), then what has Marky Mark and his slashed Department of Commerce been doing???

Healthcare. While portable benefits are awesome - as those of us that tend to jump to job to job will attest, the President lead his healthcare platform with electronic records? ELECTRONIC RECORDS? Are you kidding me? That's going to save the nation?
We're talking about a major crisis. And while I do kind of like the idea that I heard on George's Sunday show about health care being a civil duty like auto insurance, we have to make healthcare the affordable proposition that auto insurance has become. There has to be a way for every American to afford good health insurance. It just makes economic cents. (heh.)
And Liability Reforms for doctors? I have a novel idea, how about better doctors? This might be confusing, but here goes: If we sent our children to schools that have the same odds of educating our children as hospitals have of killing their patients (oh wait, we do send kids to schools like that), but really - if we did - this nation (maybe) would be up in arms about the state of American Schools. Why aren't we upset by the state of American Doctors and Hospitals?

Then comes my liberal arts disgust... "Let's ground our students in math & science." I would've failed high school, never made it to college, etc etc etc... The American Competitiveness Initiative is bunk. The *most* creative minds are not solely in the physical sciences, as suggested by our astute Prez. And despite USC President Sorenson marching to the President's beat, I quote VW (or Emerson, we couldn't remember), "Math and Science might rule the world, but where would we be without the humanities to shape and guide us as to the meaning of this new world?"

Tying abortion to the character of our country is horrible. As usual, the Republican has taken a private, serious, personal and painful decision and politicized it for shock value. I counter that the new statistics in reproductive choice are not due to abstinence education, but the increase in the availability of choice - from the pill to the ring -- choice prevents.

Campbell the Cat went absolutely haywire when he said that the courts should be "servants of the law, not legislators from the bench." Whatever, the Supreme Court now holds Alito and we're all in for it.

I really really really liked the line that, "All Americans are protected in justice, equal in hope and rich in opportunity." Liked it so much that I might even quote him once or twice. Of course, we all know that he really means it for his friends and not so much for the victims of Katrina.

What is the Ryan White Act? Seriously, I'm asking.

And finally, the thing I really agreed with - energy independence. Especially from an Oilman. I think it's high time we investigate alternative solutions to oil. Lord, if my SCE&G bill has anything to do with it, we should have been looking at this yesterday.


Anonymous said...

God Bless you for even being able to sit through that speech. I know that I should watch so that I'm informed, but so help me, I just can't sit through one of his speeches. It's just plain painful to listen to it. So thanks for the bit of summary and your take on the speech.