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Saturday, February 11, 2006

I can't believe I didn't...

Published by cck at 11:48 AM

Mention that yesterday the University of South Carolina opened its baseball season! I'm sure you didn't know that I love South Carolina Baseball. Love it.

There's something lazy about the whole thing (being lazy = one of my favorite pasttimes), but it's also mathematically challenging and addictive. True, the attraction of the game arrived when I dated its manager... But really, that's just when I began to understand the game - the rules, the ins-and-outs... I can now almost tell a slider from a curve. I might be a little rusty, which just goes to show why I need to catch a few games this season.
I am so proud of the Gamecocks for taking down Elon in the 11th inning! Today's game has been pushed back to 2:30 pm because of the nasty weather. I can't go - but I'll be listening!


Michael Reese said...

USC and Clemson should both have an excellent year, good luck to your gamecocks!

CCS said...

Thanks! I am looking forward to it!