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Friday, January 13, 2006

I might start a countdown on my digital watch.

Published by cck at 8:03 AM

Yes, it's almost time for me to leave for DC!!! I have errands to run after I leave work at 3 pm, but then I'm destined for the Capital City! Wahoo! I am so excited to see MSS; I cannot stand it.
Poor kid's had a cold this week, but he's had some time to recoup. I almost feel bad going up when he's been sick - he should probably rest a little bit more, but I'm greedy - what can I say?
There's something about brothers. No matter what kind of punk he's being or what he says - you know that he would fight to the death to protect you. Well, maybe not to the death - but pretty darn close. He's loyal and he loves you.
Plus, we're going to do some real sightseeing. Saturday we're going shopping (my favorite type of sightseeing) and Sunday we're going around the city - the Mall - the monuments. We've decided to stop a couple of places that we frequented when we were in High School. Our idea, as a thank you for M&D for sending me to DC, is to frame one of the pictures of the two of us from high school - next to a picture of us now. (Go ahead, you want to say "ahhhhhh..."). Sometimes, we're too dorky for words.