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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

You Really Can't Tell How Badly...

Published by cck at 7:49 PM

This sucker is leaning. Or maybe you can.

I built my desk - which is still standing - and a true testament to my build-from-a-kit skills. But something tells me that this lovely shelf from Target is not going to last much longer. Like, ever.

Seriously, you've got to worry about something that comes with its own wood colored marker.

So, now I'm at work at 8 pm, which I secretly love. I framed a few pictures. I like working late, occassionally - especially when you're working toward something. Whether it be a grant or an event or a project of some sort. It's fun. It's purposeful.
I don't have cable yet.


Mojotek said...

"Wood colored marker"? Wow... you really do need to worry.

CCS said...

I had never seen one before... It is bizarre!
I just looked at the directions and it's *supposed* to be more stable when the back in nailed into place. I'm not holding my breath!