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Saturday, January 14, 2006


Published by cck at 9:21 PM

I am having so *much* fun with MSS - it is almost unbelievable. Boy got out of training early - so I left G'Town and headed back to Alexandria. We went shopping together - it started snowing - so cool to walk through snow!

We're about to go out to G'Town again. MSS's buddy has someplace for us to go... Interesting to say the least.

Memorable quotes thus far:

MSS: "I'm the best drunk driver I know."
CCS: "I know, and that's why I trust you."

MSS: "Dude, that was totally dangerous."
(As a truck careens towards our rental, as we cut across three lanes of busy opposing traffic).

CCS to Enterprise Rental Guy: "I'm from the Dirty Dirty." (In reference to my preference for
Hip Hop).