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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My Newest Favorite Makeup Thingy

Published by cck at 9:00 AM

Anything that saves time in the morning is going to be a favorite. The fact that this mineral foundation is an all-in-one might make it to my all time favorite-things-ever shelf.
Susan Posnick makes Colorflo, which can be found at Pout! on Devine. It's not too pricey - and the gals at Pout! assured me it would last for more than a season.
Plus, with mineral makeup (as opposed to liquid foundation), the effect is so minimal, so natural - I am a fan. Might be because I really don't like liquid foundation... Regardless - this stuff evens out skin tone and is the easiest thing to put on. Plus, it'll fit in your purse for touch-ups.