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Monday, January 09, 2006

Quarter Century... Yes, Yes & Yes.

Published by cck at 9:13 AM

I woke up early today. I love birthdays. I don't necessarily take it to a whole new level like some (ahem, JCG), but I have been known to get down on the ninth.
For instance, my family often celebrates Half-Birthdays. MSS and I get half a cake; we're serenaded with half of a song. We do get a whole present, but it's only half wrapped.
The Birthday Bunny did not make an appearance in my room this morning - but as all my family now lives in the sunny state of South Carolina, he's probably on a well-earned vacation. Anyone who wants details of what the BB is or what the BB does on an annual basis, let me know.
Meanwhile, I'm now a quarter century old. My goodness. I thought I was going to "freak-out" over turning twenty-five, but this morning I couldn't get over the joy of having another birthday. Another chance to celebrate with friends and family. Another year to make mistakes and learn things and experience grand ole life.
Yes, I am a dork. Yes, I am usually mushy. And Yes, it really is sincere.
Happy Birthday to me.


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