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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

An Evening on Hampton Street

Published by cck at 9:08 AM

Yesterday was the SCDP's monthly Executive Committee meeting. Highly interesting. We heard from two Congressional candidates, I realized I still had a crush on someone in the room (hush!), and finally - finally - the SCDP is in the black.
One of my favorite things to see is old friends getting together. It was wonderful to see Sumter County shaking Bamberg's hand and Oconee slapping Horry on the back. Wishes of "Merry Christmas!" and "Happy New Year!" echoed as folks caught up with each other after the long break. Our Chairman was fired up and while his comments on "It's a party of WE, not ME," fell a little flat, his enthusiasm was catchy.
Afterwards, I headed to Publick House with WRB and the other WB and various guys that I hadn't seen in nearly a month. While they told racy stories and I pretended to blush, we caught up on happenings in campaigns and I realized that the Democratic party is heavily segmented (I know, I'm *so* smart). The folks at Drinking Liberally were, however, (perhaps) not as pragmatic as I would have hoped for such a gathering of liberals. But, again, shock.
We traveled around and ended up at Gracie's playing the bowling game, which I highly recommend. I had the third highest score - which I am going to take great pride in as I a) missed a turn because my stockings ran and b) had never played the game before. Damn stockings, if only I'd worn pants...
Also - so fun, ran in to my friend Annie O from High School... GooooooO Mavs! It was great to see her and catch up with her life.


Laurin Manning said...

As long as your crush isn't Don Fowler, we're cool. If it is, then, well, we're gonna have to rumble.

CCS said...

It isn't... But DLF is my hero of choice. And darlin' - I'll take you any day of the week! :)