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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sunday... at the office.

Published by cck at 12:31 PM

Part of starting a new job (read: I started in November), is doing whatever one's boss asks. Not like that ever stops, let's be honest. In my case, I had the highly enjoyable task of using my minimal interior decorating skills to pick out art for our offices. Yes, I was given the coveted credit card and told to go shopping.
I love my job.
Nonetheless, all day shopping excursions mean limited available time to finish needed sponsorship and/or funding grants. So, now I'm in the office on this fantastically sunny and beautiful Sunday. It's only almost one, so I'm hoping to be outta here by three so I can enjoy some time on my new bike. (Yes, I got a bike for Christmas. And yes MSS, I think I might even ride the durn thing).
So, now here I sit - starting a blog about my life and my constant supply of Diet Coke - procrastinating starting a sponsorship grant. I do have a Diet Coke on my desk, so all is not lost.
I am, however, tingly with anticipation. I leave Friday afternoon for Washington DC to visit my little brother, the infamous MSS, who is stationed in our capital city. He asked if I had anything he needed to have on hand in the apartment where he lives - I uttered two words - Diet Coke. He had the audacity to laugh. I don't think he understands how necessary DC is for me in the mornings. It's Diet Coke, then coffee. Then Diet coke again. Sigh, little brothers.


*jcg said...

Yay a new blog!

Laurin Manning said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, CCS! I take my Diet Coke obsession equally seriously. I'd be interested to stack up my daily intake against yours. I'm pretty much cracked out on phenylalinine!

*jcg said...

Laurin -
I can't believe you were able to spell phenylalinine. Come on, you looked at the can, right?

Laurin Manning said...

Yo, I definitely spelled that one by heart but have spent quite a lot of time staring at DC cans trying to figure out how to pronounce the word. And I was the 2nd grade Carolina Elementary Spelling Bee Champ....) ;-)