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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

About those Oyster Shooters.

Published by cck at 8:13 AM

It's all MacDougall's fault. He plotted with JCG and suddenly - before my very eyes - a very large shot was delivered to me. Yum. Spicy, tangy, and best of all, with an oyster on the bottom, the Birthday Oyster Shooter was delish. Thanks!

If you've never been to the Oyster Bar - get yourself there, quickly. It was superb. First of all, I am an out-and-out fan of anywhere that will do your shucking for you. I mean, hello. I just get to sit on a stool, plotting my hot sauce attack, while some nice young man puts perfectly large steamed oysters in a little bowl for me. I am so there.

More than the oyster shooter or delicious oysters (Did I mention the shrimp?), was getting together with good friends. Yes, I arrived late. Four minutes late. (Let's just say I made an entrance). We missed a couple of the usual suspects - MKC in Nashville, TD somewhere in the Brown Box, Lil' Floyd somewhere at the Med School. But for those of you who braved the seventy degree weather (what is going on with that in January, btw???) to come wish me a Happy Birthday, I thank you. It was a true pleasure to be in your company for an evening.