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Friday, January 13, 2006

It's This Way (and Point).

Published by cck at 7:31 AM

Last night I drove to McCormick. I had no idea 378 went so far west. And it keeps going past McCormick! Into Georgia! Imagine my surprise.
Serving as an officer of the South Carolina Democratic Party - occasions to drive to McCormick are few and far between. So, of course I jumped at the chance at addressing the McCormick County Democratic Party. My speech was titled "25 & Still a Democrat." I know, catchy, right?
I had dinner at the Chair's house - it was lovely. I was nervous before speaking, so didn't dive into the food like I normally would... Shame, it was good.
The speech went well. The audience laughed when they were supposed to, clapped when they were supposed to, and (I won't lie) I brought them to their feet once. It was good times in McCormick County.
The adventure really came on the way back from McCormick. I ran out of gas. Well, not really - but I was about to run out of gas. I didn't have my bank card (darn switching purses). I did have, however, four dollars and thirty-two cents. I was amazed at the amount of change living in my car - hiding in my car. I got my nearly two gallons of gas and was on my way. I made it home to Cola with some gas to spare.
What a night. If anyone wants to know why I'm a Democrat - this is a little bit of an excerpt:
"I'm a Democrat because I believe in Opportunity. I believe everyone should have an equal shot at living the American Dream. I believe in security and freedom (and that they can go hand in hand) and I believe in equality. I believe in upholding the rights of minorities and women; I believe in protecting the disabled and I believe in supporting our troops and veterans. I believe in universal health care and good public education.
I want more for this state and nation, not less.
That's why I'm a Democrat.


Me Too! said...

That speech excerpt actually made me a little misty. Seriously. I think that it just brings out the best of the things that Democrats believe. Thanks for that.