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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Thoughts of DC

Published by cck at 8:25 AM

I'm taking planning for this trip to DC to a whole new level. I have already made a list of everything I am going to wear and bring - and I mean everything. To the extent of what earrings are going with me to the District. When did I become such a planner?

For the one outfit that is giving me trouble, I have scoured online stores. I have determined that I must go to McLean so I can visit Anthropologie, M Street for Urban Outfitters, and various other stores that just *might* have what I'm looking for.
Okay, the reason I'm having trouble with this particular outfit, is that my brother wants to go to a club. A CLUB. Now, I have been to clubs - there was one memorable night at Ra in Tampa, or not so memorable as the case may be - but clubs aren't really (and I feel like the dork that I am for saying this) my scene. I prefer to drink a beer or my vodka soda (in a plastic cup) on the back porch of Jake's or some equally wood-paneled-laid-back-sit-and-drink-till-you-get-drunk bar. What business do I have being in a club with MY BROTHER?

If anyone has any fabulous shopping suggestions, please shout them out.
Oh, and I am taking a camera with me on this Club adventure. Oh, there will be pictures.