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Friday, January 20, 2006


Published by cck at 8:05 AM

I leave tomorrow and I really can't wait to visit ATL. I'm definetely going shopping, even though two weekends of big-city shopping - in a row - might mean that I'm eating ramen next week. Ah well, it's a weight loss plan, right?
I still can't decide on the perfect shoe choice. I am torn between velvet wedges and my fabulous tall chocolate brown boots. Totally different choices - with, let's face it, totally different outfits associated with each choice.
I did procure a bottle of Redheaded Red to take over. Since I'm no longer a red head, thanks to a late-night decision to hi-light, I thought it was funny. And nice to sip. Totally recommend it - an old friend had it at her house one night for dinner and I've been looking for it ever since. (Tip: World Market).