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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

50th & 30%

Published by cck at 4:43 PM

Poor Mr. Sanford.
It seems to me that the man living over on Lincoln (he lives on Lincoln, not Richland - c'mon people) is having a bit of trouble managing the state. As noted on the LaurinLine, Mr. Sanford has driven this state to rank 50th in unemployment (roughly at 7.1%, I believe). Yes, folks - that's past Louisiana. (I realize that a lot of revitalization is happening in LA right now... But the whole state was ravaged last year. Ravaged. Destroyed. Shouldn't that account for some sort of ranking PAST OURS???).
Of course, Mississippi - my former home - outranks us. Go Mississippi! Also, as I learned on a plane ride, Mississippi is the state with the lowest IQ. Connection?

The thing I'm really interested in is a Survey USA poll that was published this week - showing Sanford's unfavorables (downright negatives) among self-centered - I mean, self-identified - Conservatives. Thirty percent. 30%. That's right, my friends, 30% of Republicans - registered voters in the state of South Carolina - disapprove of the job the Governor is doing. It's beginning to look a lot like '98!

One of my favorite Barnwellians did the math last night -- let's say the state votes as if 60% were Republicans and 40% were Democrats. If Sanford lost 30% of the 60% - that would mean 18% of the general vote. Add that to the Democrats 40% (assuming, yes I know - assuming that we could hold onto 40%), and the Dems would have 52% of the vote. Hallelujah, it's time for good things to be happening in South Carolina (like full funding of education, return of the Triple-A Bond rating, infrastructure repair, etc, etc, etc).


will folks said...

Here's the problem with Survey USA polls, D.C. They are notoriously poor indicators. In fact, a Survey USA poll taken under a week before the 2002 GOP Primary Vote showed Sanford finishing third behind Peeler and Condon, with about 21% of the vote.

Of course, when the votes were counted, Sanford finished ahead of both Peeler and Condon, with 39% of the vote.

I can see how somebody jumps a bit in four days, but 18 points?

You have a great web site and I enjoyed visiting today.

Peace, W

CCS said...

Still think Sanford is more vulnerable than he was three years ago...

will folks said...

Probably. And by the way I love Diet Coke too.