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Monday, January 23, 2006

So no ATL...

Published by cck at 8:37 AM

I decided not to go to the ATL when a sinus infection (blah!) took over my head. I thought I needed rest and relaxation - a quiet weekend of reflection. Um, not so much.

After locking myself out of my apartment with a frantic kitten inside, I almost drove to Gvegas to nurse re-opened wounds and feel the comfort of my parents. Instead, I went grocery shopping. Ahhhh, Publix - the delight of picking out apples and fresh spinach, pasta and frozen meals, yogurt and crackers. I'm set for the next two weeks, I swear.
After visiting DLF late in the evening, I decided I *needed* to go out. It was dramatic. It was neccessary. I had to go out. Met up with a friend and we went to Jake's and Speakeasy. Around the time of Speakeasy, however, my friend started to get a little, um, out of control. Enough to rouse the suspicion of the bartenders, the bouncer and a few very friendly gentleman. I was rescued to say the least and ended up meeting Purdue.
After traveling with me around Five Points (I was on a mission), we devoured pizza at the new pizza place on Harden. Um, yeah - it was delicious. Jen, I hate to say it, but almost better than Dr. Rocco's cart.
All in all, highly acceptable evening. Purdue certainly seems interesting...