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Monday, January 23, 2006

Undergrad, Schmundergrad

Published by cck at 4:31 PM

As I typed the last post - mentioning my former life as an undergrad at Carolina - I realized how long ago that was. Nearly three years ago, I was a senior brimming with hope and anticipation at a life in law school, at a life as an adult.
Now, nearly three years out, how is that really different? Yup, I made the decision to leave graduate school (smart, smart, smart) and yes, now I'm right on that verge of really being an adult, but c'mon - have things changed?
I'm still brimming with hope and anticipation (and that has nothing to do with TBell's conversation this afternoon). It's more on account that everyday now is how I make it. I live according to my own rules and mores - from whether I put away my clean dishes to when I pay my bills (usually on time). If I thought being in college was a self-centered time, I had no idea what it would be like in my mid-twenties when the only responsibility would be a kitten.
I like this life though. Despite a few unexpected twists, my life is different and better, all at the same time. I have dear friends, an incredible family and a highly interesting position doing something I really enjoy. Life is really very good...