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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Life is a Banquet, thanks to Auntie Mame

Published by cck at 4:10 PM

I wanted to introduce y'all to Auntie Mame.
Of course, I think everyone should read the book and watch the movie - I'll be happy enough to share a little magic that (and I kid you not) influenced my life.

Auntie Mame is the story of an eccentric woman gains custody and rears her nephew. Mame has no idea how to raise a child and one of her first ideas is to give her young charge a notebook and tell him to write down words he doesn't understand. At the end of the night, young Patrick Dennis has a pad full of bizarre and age-inappropriate language. I can't wait to do that to a child.

Follow Mame and Little Patrick through all sorts of escapades - from fishberry jam to a nude school room to evil fiances - it's a classic. Mame will "open doors you never even knew existed." Seriously, her clothes and jewelry are enough of a reason to watch.