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Thursday, October 19, 2006

USC SG ahead of the curve.

Published by cck at 8:59 AM

Way back a hundred years ago, when I was a Student Government Dork at the University of South Carolina, I helped a couple different candidates run for office. I also ran myself a couple of times. I liked being an elected official - even if it was only known to four other equally dorky people in Gambrell Hall.

There were rules to running -- and one of the rules was that University listserves could not be used for campaigning purposes. And it was strict. I wonder if the State of Florida should take an exploratory mission to Columbia and the RoHo.

Apparently, the State Department sent an email to overseas absentee voters in the 16th District alerting them of that while the voter would be casting a ballot for Foley, their vote would go to Negron. (Read the story from the Miami Herald here).

Um, what? No sir. No ma'am. What is Florida thinking? Why do the overseas voters (which includes military and non-military folks) get a primer? I realize few people inside the Western Hemisphere have been able to escape the Foley Drama as the scandal that Almost-Brought-Down-the-Republican-Party. And, I sort of doubt that anyone outside of the Western Hemisphere is completely clueless.

More than that, why do people who do not live within the borders of this state get a primer on who to vote for? Did they send an email to all the folks out of state as well? I mean, they might not have had the fantabulous coverage that the good people of Palm Beach received.

I think this smacks all the people in the 16th in the face. Furthermore, it elevates one set of voters over another.