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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Put Your State on Your Plate

Published by cck at 1:09 PM

I like it. I remember waaaaaaay back before the general public started getting excited about the election cycle some friends were helping with Emile's campaign. Not knowing Emile, I was skeptical of a candidate whose name you could barely pronounce. And states on plates? What? Was he going to partner with Lenox to create a special palmetto china pattern?

Nope. He's smart. He's got it together. Emile deFelice has a brilliant plan to market South Carolina products to South Carolina and the world. We are an amazing state with even more amazing products that need to be creatively marketed to a wider audience.

I am terribly disappointed in The State for endorsing Weathers, the appointed Commissioner of Agriculture. Not that I'm surprised in The State's inability to see beyond their sidewalk, but I am confused by their main evidence... Evidently the Department of Agriculture is unveiling some sort of campaign to promote South Carolina fruits and vegetables and Weathers is behind it.

WOW. Whoop-de-doo. That's evidence of a man running a department effectively??? I simply do not believe it. Come on now. Fruits and veggies are going to save the largest industry in South Carolina?

Well, they are - but that's not all that's going to save South Carolina. It's going to take someone with infectious optimism and a vision that goes beyond choosing a site for the Farmer's Market. It's going to take Emile deFelice.


Laurin Manning said...

"Was he going to partner with Lenox to create a special palmetto china pattern?"



I love Emile too, and I'm certain we haven't seen the last of him. He's probably not going to win this election, but he's really sparked a dialogue, and he's too dynamic to just fade into the woodwork.

As for The State's endorsement, I suspect is has much more to do with their "priority" endorsements than it does about Emile. They've got to look like they're being nonpartisan, so I figure it'll be no more than 3-5 in the Dem/Rep spread... probably 4-4.

They've endorsed Theodore, so that's 1 Dem.

They've endorsed Weathers, so that's 1 Rep.

They'll endorse Barber, which will make 2 D's.

THey'll endorse Hammond, which will make 2 R's.

I'm not sure about the others, but I predict they will endorse Ravenel and Rex also. Whoever they choose to endorse for Gov will dictate their choice for Adj. General. It'll be the opposite party of the Gov's endorsement.

Although they can't stand Sanford, I'm not yet convinced they'll endorse Moore. Warthen has written a lot about how Moore hasn't presented any new ideas. Thoughts?