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Monday, October 30, 2006

Egads, it's Monday.

Published by cck at 8:32 AM

Hi y'all.

It was a gorgeous weekend. Save for the back to back losses that our football teams inflicted on our household. Florida State lost to Maryland while at College Park - and, I just swear, I might wear a Fire Jeff T-shirt at next week's game. And my dear alma mater -- OH CAROLINA! You were so close. So darn close to telling those foolish Tennessee Orange people to go back to the hills.

We were very domestic in Tallahassee. We cleaned up the house, did mountains of laundry that had accumulated despite my best efforts, cooked and drank entirely too much (bad) wine. Worked on some wedding stuff, found our honeymoon location and played with the puppy. My future in-laws will be here next weekend for FSU Parent's Weekend. 'Scuse my OCD nature, but the place must be spotless.

I found an unopened Christmas present from last year that will be perfect for Halloween. It's a shower curtain. Yeah, yeah you're thinking: Whoop-de-doo. It's a shower curtain from Psycho -- it's white, with the outline of the mom and the knife. It's fabulous. And we're going to be super tacky and hang it inside the front window. Mwahahahhahahaa. There are some kids around, so I suppose I need to procure some candy. And carve the pumpkin.

I know the election is next week - and there are some really fascinating things going on right now. Issues that need to be discussed and problems that need to be solved. I think I might write about those later. After all, tomorrow is another day.


Christopher said...

Honey, FSU lost to Maryland on Saturday. I know with so many losses, it is hard to keep track.

Chrissy Stauffer said...

Dear Lord. You are so incredibly right. Sigh. I'll fix it. It's really a shock to me that the Cocks have a better record than the Noles.

I wonder if I am some sort of curse... I graduated from the most losingest high school in South Carolina, moved on to the school with the worst collegiate football record in the nation.... And now, now the Seminoles. Perhaps I should move to Texas.