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Monday, October 02, 2006

In the middle of all that...

Published by cck at 11:44 AM

Gawsh, Florida is just a hotbed of political activity right now. I know most Republicans are up in arms over the fact that they have a gay Congressman. I giggled and smiled. After all, South Carolinians know that some of our most prominent Republican leaders are gay.

Here's the thing -- I don't care. Sexual preference is not one of the aspects of a candidate that I consider when making my decision to cast a ballot. Instead - I do weigh the ability of the candidate to be a good leader, honest and hard working. When I cast a ballot, I'm giving someone a job - so I look for the same qualifications in a candidate that I look for in an employee -- experience, people skills, and the ability to make things happen. Sexual preference is not one of those things...

This whole Foley mess shouldn't be about the fact that he is gay. (Although, it does - on a personal level - piss me off when gay Republicans bad mouth folks in an effort to preserve family values). The bigger issue should be about an older man preying on a child.

It is disgusting for an older man like Foley to be pursuing a sixteen year old - whether that sixteen year old is male or female. It's inappropriate, not to mention against the law. I don't understand the desire to pursue someone younger. I suppose I could consult Sic Willie, but I think it might be a gender thing. I'm twenty five - closer to twenty six than I care to admit and I don't think I would ever be so strongly attracted to someone so young -- and I'm much closer in age to a teenager than the average congressman.

My fiance claims that Foley shouldn't be singled out - he's only being singled out because he is gay. I don't think that makes it right. Just because Strom Thurmond used to goose interns in the elevator doesn't make it right. It's wrong for those folks that we hire to use their position to take advantage of children.

It's not right when someone gay does it; it's not right when someone straight does it. It doesn't meet that high bar we set for the people we hire to legislate for us. It's not trustworthy. It's not honest. And it's wrong.

ps. Foley also failed the employment test -- he was stupid. Duh - don't keep an electronic copy of your indiscretions!