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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Blogging (in general)

Published by cck at 12:50 PM

I've been blogging since January. It's been an interesting experience. I remember the thrill of being added to blog rolls here and there. And there was the one great moment of being linked to the Washington Post. And, I just about swear to you that Dooce once visited.

I've written about shoes and makeup, presidents and politics, the adventures of getting married and being lost. Sometimes, it's an everyday thing and other weeks go by without me having a thought I'd like to share with this small world.

Lately, I've felt more like talking with the faceless and not-so-faceless folks who like to visit the adventures of a gal in her twirties. I'd like to tell you folks some of the thing that are really troubling me, but I'll spare you the drama and instead focus on the most pressing problem in my little life -- that of trying to get a man to do his fair share of the household chores. (Half smile).

Yesterday, I received two comments on my blog. I aspire to be more like Laurin, with folks posting comments left and right. Instead, I had a man tell me that I was a bigot. And another, more astute visitor tell me that I was a spiteful daughter.

Well, dear blogosphere -- I will tell the truth! Yes, the truth! I am both. Deal with it.