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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Proof Enough.

Published by cck at 9:24 PM

I suppose I really am a Floridian now.
I've been removed from Faithinthesound -- as I am no longer a South Carolina blogger. That or my wedding posts have caused Will Folks' brain to explode.

It's weird - to move to a whole new place. Back in 2003, when I moved to Oxford, Mississippi to attend Ole Miss it was weird. In the northern region of Mississippi, I was just a little bit not southern enough. ME! I also wasn't used to a town without a Target. I used to drive just short of Memphis in order to see the giant red bulls-eye sign. Nonetheless, when KatieCali told me she was going out with an old classmate of mine in Jackson tonight - I felt homesick. They're headed to Old Venice, which was a popular more-than-a-pizza-joint on the Square. Apparently, there's one in Jackson too. I only spent about nine months in Oxford, and yet I can still remember my favorite place to go for green tomatoes or new shoes.

So, like, now I'm no longer a South Carolinian. I still feel like one. I think that's the beauty of "home." No matter where you decide to make your home when you grow up, the place that you did grow up still sticks to you. No matter how many places you've called home, all of them help to make you who you are... and who you are supposed to be. I can taste fall in Greenville - the leaves and the apples and the pumpkins and the crisp breeze, not to mention the overwhelming number of negative political ads on television.

Tonight, while I flip through IKEA pages to get ideas of how we can furnish our house, I realize how very lucky I am. And, y'know - even though I miss seeing the Palmetto Tree on nearly every car and SUV I pass on the highway, I can totally get used to seeing the wide variety of palm trees that line nearly every street upon which I do drive.