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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Published by cck at 9:53 PM

Okay, all you readers out there. I'm intrigued... We're headed north at some point in our lives and want to stop in Atlanta to visit IKEA. [Notice I said travel north... to Atlanta?!?]

Having never lived with a man before, I had no idea that a bigger bed is a general necessity. It's not as much that I need to hide from his snores - but more so because I have a nasty habit of punching him in the middle of the night. Who knew I was so violent? I claim that I'm simply defending my part of the blanket. Whatev & Regardless --> We need a new bed.

So, as I'm balancing our checkbook - between wedding deposits and wedding deposits, I realized we don't have a lot of extra cash. We're not quite "flush" as my grandmother would say. I thought of IKEA for a bed. We figured we could pick one out in the ATL and bring it home. Who cares about WWIII that will inevitably erupt when the Fiance and I try to make a bed... with tools. It'll be fun, right?

Okay, so my long, drawn out question is... Has anyone really shopped there? I visited once with the brother while in DC, but didn't buy anything big. I know you get what you pay for - but then again, I'm really not sold on the stuff at Rooms To Go (and I swear, the girl in their commercials is far more annoying than the Gaffney Carpet Girl). What do y'all think?


Durkin said...

I have shopped there. Give me a call.

BTW, when the hell did I assume the name Durkin?

CCS said...

I will. Tell me when you're not super busy... As if that is possible. When do you get back?

And, um, I rarely use real names (unless I do so by accident). The first time we met at Cafe, I didn't hear your name correctly. I went to Po'Boys for dinner to meet with SAL, and I referred to you as Durkin. Well, CGK thought that was hysterical. I soon corrected my mistake, but in blogland you shall always be - Durkin.

ritch said...

must say that the 'carpet girl' is the worst....