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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What's It Gonna Be South Carolina?

Published by cck at 10:26 AM

Dear South Carolina Voters,

Like most election years, a lot of things hang in the balance. You've got a great opportunity. Whether you believe Sanford will make a difference or Moore will change the status quo... Whether you want new or old, stodgy or singing, a loyal South Carolinian or a racing play boy -- your vote can make a difference.

I have a vested interest in South Carolina, even though I am now a Floridian. Having spent 24 of my 25 years in the Palmetto State, I know what beauty and intelligence lie in the people of that state. It's amazing - from the mountains to the shores and everything in between, South Carolina has such a history and an even fuller future.

So, why the fuck do we need to vote on something that is already illegal? I could make the argument that the first Defense of Marriage Act is wrong - and it would be an easy argument to make. However, I'm really just going to concentrate on the fact that you people are wasting your time voting on it again:

Is a blow job really that evil?

I happen not to think so, and I'm sure my fiance is rather glad that it's part of my sexual repertoire. And while I'm often more than happy to air some of my sexual accomplishments (please don't blush; it usually happened after Pint Night and one too many Franziskaners), it shouldn't be a requisite to receive a marriage license. When I travel down to the marriage license guy in Leon County in a couple of months, I seriously doubt that he's going to ask me for my sexual history. Why do I get that perk of privacy?

And, why oh why are we adding exclusivity to our Constitution? I used to travel to Connemara outside of Flat Rock, NC. There was a short video of the poet Carl Sandburg saying that his least favorite word was "exclusive." He used to sound it out - ex-cluuuuu-sive.

I'm not asking that gay folks should receive an honorary membership into the Flowers-Of-The-Month-Club or a reserved parking spot at Pottery Barn or any other ridiculous, bigoted "special rights" the Christian Right can think up.

I realized the unfairness of it all --- I had surgery a couple of weeks ago and my fiance was able to come back with me and stay with me and help me through it. If I had been gay, my partner would not have been able to support me in that way. And that is not fair.

What will happen, South Carolina? What will happen years from now? We've had a difficult time recovering from the whole slavery thing - as a matter of fact, I personally believe we're still recovering from aftershocks. How will we recover from denying civil rights to our citizens in this manner?

Civil Rights should never be held to a popular vote.


CCS said...

From Anon: Um ok, just a minute girl. I'm a first time reader of your blog, my partner forwarded the link to me at work. I don't agree with the yes vote on the SC amendment, but what's this about blowjobs? Do think we homosexuals just go around and give blowjobs out like candy? That's very condescending and discriminating. That's not the basis of our relationships and I don't feel that in anyway it's fair for you to say that, not to mention it's demeaning. That is something to be shared among two lovers in a display of affection, it isn’t just something we just go out and do with anyone. This may be your experience with intimate sexual acts, but you should not stereotype the homosexual community. You sound like the rest of the ignorant people of this state!

CCS said...

1) Thanks & Welcome to meandmydietcoke!
2) Oh goodness! I don't think any couple could think about blowjobs ALL the time. How exhausting! Not to mention, I'd be leaving out a big chunk of the homosexual community that might not participate.

No, I certainly do not think any relationship is all about sex, whether it be blowjobs or any other kind of sex act.

Instead, the point I was trying to make - is a privacy point. Why do I, because I was born straight, receive more privileges than someone who was not? Why am I sanctioned to marry the man I love and yet far too many of my friends are prohibited from the same occasion?

I could let you know that I was the author of the Anti-Discrimination Policy at USC or that I was the co-founder of the GayStraightAlliance in my high school or that I consider this fight to be the fight of my generation, but you might be able to figure all that out yourself if you read some of my other thoughts.

What I really would like you to know, is that I am deeply sorry if I offended you, but that I hope South Carolina - and the audience that I usually reach - would realize that gay folks and straight folks are not all that different.

And, like - no offense, but do you get context?